Our Values

Strengthening cross-cultural cohesion


We respect each individual on the basis of their own merits and core value-system as; collectively we are ubiquitous to society but from separate inherited characteristics.

Strengthening passion

Coming alongside individuals, people groups and organisations by empowering them in what they are already doing to be even more effective and productive.

Mandate over Mission

Often mission (the end goal, the financial gain) becomes the focus, meaning that completion is strived for at any cost, often putting the individual under pressure to deliver. Whilst many ‘capitals’ are needed, ICL focuses primarily on human capital.  This is encased within mandate (individual capital and social capital) which precedes mission. This foundation is proven to lead to success and is sustained because of the primacy of human capital which is self-care and caring for others: this continuously develops human capital.

We adopt these core values; we take them wherever we go!

What we believe in

ICL has a comprehensive understanding of the neo-cultural differences that exist in today’s globalised world.

As a result, ICL holds a unique ability to effectively work with many different dynamics, adapting to meet the needs of each individual. 

This helps to release their own potential, whilst at the same time strengthening cross-cultural corporate cohesion.