ICL Model

Impetus Cognitive Learning 

Igniting development from within.

Do you want to see an increase of your employees performance?

For any corporation wishing to maintain a competitive advantage, employee engagement is the prerequisite for success. Statistics show how disengagement within a firm can lead to lower rates of productivity, complacency and even higher rates of absenteeism. On the other hand, employee satisfaction moves beyond the boundaries of simply working to live and onto invoking a deeper level of personal meaning and commitment to live out the passion. ICL works to connect each individual’s passions and express their uniqueness as invaluable to the workplace.

As individuals we live in a workplace that transcends the boundaries of the workplace

We therefore cannot disconnect between an employee’s position and who they really are. As a result we take on a holistic approach, which looks at the individual’s DNA, combining Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence understanding in order to stimulate employee mindsets, attitudes and behaviours. ICL therefore offers externally contracted services, committed to tapping into each individual’s own potential in order to enhance a greater vision.

Pursue new horizons

Impetus Cognitive Learning (ICL):

The science: Globalisation has most certainly changed the economic environment. In today’s fast paced world of ambitious workplaces and complex personal lives, each of us are searching for effective tools that can make our schedules, behaviours and relationships more fulfilling.

ICL uses Cognitive Consulting in order to gain insight to individual thought processes and enables each person to become more aware of their emotions, and the influence that this has on their behaviour. ICL works through the application of evidence-based assessment tools which is then aligned with life goals and transferred to corporate visions. ICL aims to foster adaptive thoughts, feelings and behaviours in order to align with corporate visions.