What we do

A breakdown of Our Model 

Cognitive Therapy for adolescents and adults
– clinics in Harley street London and Brighton

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has a high success of enabling and strengthening an individual  to maximise their function , resulting in the achievement of personal, professional and corporate goals

CBT is an evidence based talking therapy that can help you manage your challenges by changing the way your conscious thoughts affect your mood/emotion and behaviour. It’s most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for other psychological and physical health problems too.

Anxiety and Depression affects most of us at some point in life due to life circumstances that can become overwhelming that affects our day to day function to our full potential.

The application of CBT is not restricted in the management of Anxiety or Depression.

ICL uses Cognitive Consulting Models combined with Emotional Intelligence Models in order to perceive, manage and evaluate each individuals’ persona.

The Cognitive consulting Model:

A training of equipping that releases people into their possibilities.

For ICL, the thesis of Cognitive Consulting model is that individual learning relates to the self, others and circumstances stem from a complicated interplay between Hereditary (biochemical & personality traits), Environment (socio-economic status, religious/cultural beliefs, educational system, meaningful relationships, emotionally significant events) and uniqueness of the individual (body, soul, spirit). Through this process of learning the individual develops idiosyncratic labelling of their world that lead to emotion and behaviour.

The Emotional Intelligence Model:

Training and strengthening the capacity of families

This is made up of four main competencies-:

– Self-awareness,

– Self management

– Social awareness

– Relationship management.

The Emotional Intelligence Model is used to compliment Cognitive Consulting model both of which contribute to the empowerment of the individual.

By combining these two models, ICL prompts us to recognise our strengths and weaknesses, and how to work with them effectively. It is a unique combination that releases the DNA potential of those who apply the training, to become all that they have been born to be. The application of this training is like the entwining of a DNA strand that mutates uniquely to the individual. This has been applied to bring forth results that echo the progress for each person according to who they are.