Family & Community Training

We believe that if you build family you build community.

This belief is evidenced by research that shows that relationships and social capital are essential to thriving families and communities.

From our position of positive relationships, our mission is to:

  • Equip families for competent citizenship

  • Build social capital

  • Strengthen the capacity of others


We address issues and parenting challenges by illuminating our understanding of the personal thought processes and past experiences that lead us to perceive and respond to situations in particular ways.

  • ”We look to enable each individual to invest their unique characteristics and skills into their family and community for the benefit of all, from a position of security and growing confidence.”

    Machelle Joseph, Director ICL

Our programs develop self-esteem, resilience, and relationships.

We coach our clients intentionally in other areas through:

  • Promoting positive behaviour

  • Parent Empowerment

  • Building community 

  • Equipping them for competent citizenship

  • Focusing on individual potential