Jerome Joseph

Trained at Oxford University the centre of excellence in Europe and with more than 20 years experience, Jerome specializes as a Cognitive Learning Consultant. He has worked alongside multidisciplinary teams in Health, Education and Business sectors. Jerome operates at both an individual level as well as in larger organisational settings. With a passion of strengthening capacity in individuals and communities and to build social capital. He has the unique ability to establish and maintain alliances with a diverse range of individuals, this takes place in many corporate and global environments.

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Machelle Joseph

Machelle’s ability to discern, recognise and celebrate the potential and destiny within each individual stems from years of experience in developmental training with inter-generational groups in voluntary and corporate business sectors. She has a foundational education in Social Work and on going professional development and Consultant trainer with Middlesex University, within the family and education sector. From this, she has gained a wealth of knowledge to ignite thought and connect it to biochemistry affecting emotion and behaviour changing the course of history for the better in individuals and corporate sectors. This dynamic is a “pearl of great price”. She is an effective trainer, mentor and coach to both individuals and people groups across the globe.

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Caleb Joseph

Caleb has graduated with a specialism in Team Psychology and Emotional Intelligence. He has empowered Community transformation by building social capital with diverse people groups. He brings a fresh vitality to the team by offering skills in both Community development and management. With an innate and adept entrepreneurial spirit, Caleb has already proven himself as a leader through the launch of his own business venture, which took place alongside his studies.

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The culmination of these extraordinary talents has acted as a synergy for intangible business and it is their unique composition which has therefore helped attribute a progressive and new mindset.

ICL celebrates an extended team of highly skilled professionals. Each member contributes their own unique skills set, vision and expertise necessary for fostering new thought processes, creativity and insight. Entirely solutions driven; the team recognize the uniqueness of every individual regardless of their background and capabilities.