• “This course has helped me to recognise where things that I had perceived as my own limitations were in fact learned patterns of thinking that I had picked up from past experiences or things that others believed. Through dwelling on where I am heading, rather than focusing on where I have been, I have gained confidence in my identity and gifts. It is an ongoing challenge to change my mind-set, but one that is continuing to result in expanding horizons in every area of my life”
    A.D, Mum and Health Professional

  • “Following the course I have gained the knowledge that I can dictate my own destiny by choosing to believe the truth of who I really am; and when old habits are overcome and the awakening happens, anything is possible!”
    A.M, Lifestyle Coach and Designer

  • I never look back now because I have fallen in love with the future”
    D.J, Business Development Manager

  • “There is nothing new under the sun, yet the Higher Level Leadership course has facilitated the illumination and appropriation of what I have most yearned for: my true, complete identity, and my own unique purpose in Life”.
    C.S, Independent City Councillor

  • “Although the children were sometimes reluctant to go ,once there ,I could see how much they enjoyed it and they always left upbeat. ICL consultants are an amazing combination and I would recommend this course for any family struggling in a world of mixed messages, where recent technological gizmos have undermined traditional family values . I have found that Communication between family members is the key.”

    Father of 2 teenagers

  • “My head is still spinning after finishing the leadership course I have suddenly come to
    the realisation that I am more than I thought I am”

    Entrepreneur over 50

  • “The Family Course gave us all the supportive environment to ‘rewire/rework’ all our basic attitudes towards ‘life as a Family’,
    Empowering us to be more ‘creative and genuine’ in the manner inwhich we engage with one another on a daily basis….
    The Course has ‘enlivened’ us as a family and drawn us closer together as a result!”

    Family of 2 parents 4 children

  • “The HLL training boldly exposes fallacies in human thought and catalyses individual breakthroughs from self or socially imposed restraints. My very first session marked a pivotal moment in my discovery of a greater level of resilience, strength and a relational capacity that I didn’t know existed. I was truly empowered to go forth in all areas of my life.

    A.J - Studied a masters (LLM) in International Financial Law en route for Doctorate in Economics